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Swarovski NEWS & Ordering INFO

Recently Swarovski decided to remove their crystals from the general public and DIY market. What remaining inventory we have will continue to be for sale but cannot guarantee how long it will last. We encourage you to order enough or extra for your project as we cannot re-order.

While our relationship with Swarovski has ended, we are still here to offer you great alternative products! We are adding more Preciosa MAXIMA & VIVA12 rhinestones weekly and are happy to bring in a certain size or color for you. Just email or call us!

In addition, our Silver Lining Rhinestones are being phased out and will be replaced with the Preciosa Viva12 stones. If we do not have enough of the SL stones we will send you the Viva12 stones without notice. If the color isn’t exactly the same, we will contact you before shipping. Most colors are the same but some are slightly different. 

We will not be signing any legal agreement with Swarovski. We are bringing in the Preciosa MAXIMA stones and are accepting request for sizes and colors – just email or call us!

ARCHIVE: SWAROVSKI announced lots of changes ahead, most notably that they will be removing the ability of the general public to purchase their products. Unless you are a high end designer most likely you will not be able to purchase. We will be able to sell any inventory we have accumulated even after this takes place (9/30/2021) but cannot guarantee how long it will last. We are also working on other product lines to replace Swarovski. Sadly, this includes our Silver Lining Rhinestones. 

They have also discontinued a number of products already and the lists below should be used as reference only. NO GUARANTEE THAT ANY ITEM WILL BE AVAILABLE!

We encourage you to review the listings below that reflect the status of any items that are either going to be discontinued entirely or available with special production only. We strongly suggest if you use any of these color you purchase ASAP. This list is extensive and again, we strongly suggest ordering ASAP. For large orders please Email: Sales@RhinestoneSupply.com www.RhinestoneSupply.com

We will not be taking part in the new application process and legal contracts that Swarovski will require to use their products. If you are a high end designer that is wanting to apply with Swarovski, feel free to contact us and we will forward your info to the correct person.

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