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10mm VITRAIL MEDIUM 3015 Rivoli Button

10mm VITRAIL MEDIUM 3015 Rivoli Button

Measurements: 10mm

Swarovski Elements 3015 Rivoli Button in VITRAIL MEDIUM, a stunning special effect color changes from greens to topaz to fuchsia! These buttons are 10mm's and feature a single channel style hole to attach. Beautiful facets produce exceptional sparkle!

Use these buttons for jewelry making, on denim jackets, jeans, as a closure on dresses, hair accessories and more!


  • 1 Button            $   .79 each
  • 6 Button          $  4.29 per package
  • 12 Buttons     $  8.29 per package
Price: 0.79
1 Button
6 Buttons
12 Buttons