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30ss BLONDE FLARE VIVA12 Rhinestones

30ss BLONDE FLARE VIVA12 Rhinestones

The all new lead-free PRECIOSA MC Chaton Rose VIVA 12® flat back rhinestones in BLONDE FLARE, a beautiful pale gold (light yellow) rhinestone with special coating for extra sparkle. 


  • 1/4 gross = 36 Rhinestones   $  4.99 per package
  • 1/2 gross = 72 Rhinestones   $  9.49 per package
  • 1 gross = 144 Rhinestones    $ 16.49 per package
  • 2 gross = 288 Rhinestones    $ 27.49 per package

Please see our FAQ section for tips and application information. Flat back rhinestones are very easy to glue on but can also be set with tiffany or rim settings.

Features of the new MC chaton rose VIVA12 include:

  • A modified design and a brand-new cut – the VIVA12 is higher with a smaller table
  • Exceptional brilliance, fire, and sparkle
  • A more intense AB Effect

Great for ice skating costumes, cell phones,flip flops, ballroom and dance costumes,cheerleading outfits, add that finishing touch to any costumes!

Please note, not all computer monitors have the same color settings stone sizes!

VERY IMPORTANT: Please remember to order enough stones for your project as dye lots can very. This is extremely common with the Special Effect stones. Preciosa stone colors are very consistent but slight variations can occur with different production lots.

Measurements: 30ss=6.32-6.50mm/0.25-0.26in.
Price: $4.99
1/4 Gross = 36 Rhinestones
1/2 Gross = 72 Rhinestones
1 Gross = 144 Rhinestones
2 Gross = 288 Rhinestones