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6919 Swarovski CRYSTAL Key Pendant

6919 Swarovski CRYSTAL Key Pendant

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30mm SWAROVSKI Designer Edition CRYSTAL Pendant designed by Yoko Ono
This beautiful key pendant was designed for SWAROVSKI  by Yoko Ono, "a multi-media artist whose thought provoking work challenges people's understanding of art and the world around them". The key design concept was created to "embody the spirit of earth and sky, and reflect the multiple colors of nature. When you wear it you will be sharing Yoko's dream of peaceful interaction with the world around you."

Its traditional avant-garde shape is transformed into a faceted beauty that sparkles in the light. Use it as the focal point for your next necklace. Hang this off a simple black cord for a laid back, casual look.


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Price: 6.99
1 Piece
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