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CG 500 2 Part Epoxy Glue from Swarovski - 50ml

CG 500 2 Part Epoxy Glue from Swarovski - 50ml

CG 500-35 (A+B) Two Component Epoxy Resin Glue.

50ml (2 x 25ml Cartridges).

High performance gluing system for both foiled and unfoiled SWAROVSKI® (mainly Round Stones, Non-Hotfix Flat Backs and Fancy Stones), exclusively distributed by Swarovski for professional use within the jewellery segment and other industries such as accessories, interior, electronics, etc.

Curing and final strength are dependent on temperature. Curing can be accelerated by application of heat (to a max of 100°C).

Mixture ratio of components A + B by volume: 1:1
Pot life at room temperature, quantity applied 1g (23°C / 73.4°F): 15 mins
Complete curing time at room temperature: 24 hours
Time to handle at room temperature: 3 hours

Complete curing time in oven (40°C / 104°F): 12 hours
Complete curing time in oven (80°C / 176°F): 2 hours
Complete curing time in oven (100°C / 212°F): 1 hour

The exact mixing of the two component glue is especially important! Care must be taken to follow the instructions:
1). Mix both of the glue components by volume at a ratio of 1:1
2). Mix the two components well for at least one minute
3). Put the mixed glue into a dispenser

Future-oriented solution
CG 500-35 is in line with Swarovski’s corporate social responsibility, respecting the environment and supporting the community. It is a sustainable gluing system that fulfils ls high claims regarding environmental and health protection for both the consumer and the manufacturer.

High grade ingredients
CG 500-35 contains only high grade ingredients. It offers significant advantages for transportation purposes (e.g. air freight shipping) because it is not classified as hazardous material according to IATA transport regulations.

Ideal mechanical and chemical resistances
CG 500-35 is highly resistant against mechanical stress (e.g. hits and deformations), humidity, perspiration, salt and chlorine water and UV light. For example, SWAROVSKI® glued with CG 500-35 remain in the cavities after extreme mechanical stress due to optimal shock absorbance (up to 500% compared to 10% of standard epoxy glues).

Multiple fields of application

Price: 26.99