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Syringe for glue - 1ml

Syringe for glue - 1ml
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This is our secret for using E-6000 Glue! Helps eliminate the "strings" and stops glue from oozing out of the tube! Just fill the (no needle) syringe about 3/4 full, insert plunger and when ready to glue - very gently push the plunger down to apply glue to garment. Pull plunger back to stop glue from coming out. With a little practice this is very easy!

Syringe can be re-used a few times if you push all the glue out and clean the rubber tip very well. Allow glue in tube to dry then push out with straight pin. If rubber tip gets dry, just rub a little cooking oil on it. Or throw it away and use a fresh one! 


  • 1 piece                .25 cents each
  • 6 pieces          $ 1.29 per package
  • 12 pieces        $ 2.39 per package
  • 3 dozen (36 pieces) $ 6.99 per package

Also offered in slightly larger 3ml or 5ml size

Price: 0.25
1 piece
6 pieces
12 pieces
3 Dozen = 36 Pieces