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No Clog Glue Gap with Tip - MEDIUM Base

No Clog Glue Gap with Tip - MEDIUM Base
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Here's a great new product to use with glues, paints, etc! Works great with Gem Tac!

The No-Clog Writing Cap™ consists of 4 parts:
1. Base Cap screws onto the neck of the bottle
2. Stainless steel Writing Tip locks into base cap with clockwise turn
3. Sleeve screws onto the base cap
4. Pin Top screws onto sleeve to seal bottle and to keep tip clog-free

EASY Instructions!
1. Exchange No-Clog Cap for original same size cap.
2. Unscrew Pin Top. Tip is ready for use.
3. Promptly replace Pin Top after use.
Remember: Clean tips periodically to keep clear and prevent pin from sticking.
We strongly recommend the BEST CLEANER EVER™ to safely dissolve “stubborn stuff” from tip.

Helpful Hints:
• Insert Pin Top promptly after use to keep the tip clear.
• Re-Use Cap! Transfer cap when old bottle is empty.
• For thorough cleaning, unscrew blue sleeve and twist tip counter clockwise to remove.
• Store bottles upright, when possible.

  The MEDIUM Cap fits*


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Price: 5.99