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Beacon's POWER-TAC 2.5 fl. oz. tube

Beacon's POWER-TAC 2.5 fl. oz. tube
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Power-Tac is an innovative, all-purpose glue that has excellent strength as well as low odor. Power-Tac permanently bonds almost any surface and is the PERFECT choice for craft & hobby projects as well as household repairs and home décor applications.

After a series of testing, we found that that after a 10 minute dry time, Power-Tac has a higher tensile sheer strength than a majority of leading products out there!

Power-Tac is LOW ODOR, NON-CARCINOGENIC, AND SUPER STRONG – making this the ultimate glue for any project.

Materials It Bonds:

Metal, Wood, Glass, Beads, Jewelry, and more


Super Strong, Dries Crystal Clear, Flexible, Water-Proof, Weather-Proof, Paintable, Does Not Foam, Does Not Expand, Won’t Bond To Skin, Does Not Yellow

Dry Tme:

10 Minutes

Cure Time:

24 Hours 



Price: 4.99